High quality and classical music

Music is not only an important part of our lives, music lifts our entire quality of life from the day we are born. Signatur Foundation Sweden exists to contribute to this quality and promote the development of high quality and classical music.

Signatur has a clear music objective

Interesting music helps us build our cultures, create understanding for each other and provide unmatched experiences. With the goal of helping to give more people the opportunity to find their way to music, to develop their own musicality and to reach across boundaries through music, Signatur Foundation Sweden has been formed.

Signatur Foundation Sweden is a foundation for music promotion in a very broad sense. In Sweden, the other Nordic countries and in collaboration with our international partners, we have the ambition to play a prominent and significant role in enriching our lives with a wide musical range that is characterized by the highest quality.

We seek to promote the development of the art of music; to support projects, music education and activities with the focus and ability to make people’s music making and creativity evolve. We want to help give young people access to good music training and inspirational projects where their music interest and abilities can grow. We will also work to improve access for the public to enjoy high quality music, such as classical music. In particular, Signatur Foundation Sweden aims to promote cultural integration with the help of music, by promoting initiatives that broaden the base of Swedish and Nordic music life.

We see a great opportunity for developing collaboration with international partners, not least through exchanges with other organisations supported by Signatur Foundation Sweden’s founder in England, such as The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Aurora Orchestra and Music Masters. They pursue well-designed educational programs attracting students from a wide range of backgrounds in innovative projects for the benefit of both the young people’s music development and for the widening of public interest in classical music. We see many opportunities in increased collaboration, more international partners, teacher exchanges, workshops, seminars and the like.

Signatur exists in order to promote the development of high quality music

Children in choir rehearsal.