Music donations and transparency

We believe transparent reporting of music donations and accountability are a necessary foundation for maintaining confidence in the work we all do. We believe this is a cornerstone in any well-functioning partnership.


Every music donation made by Signatur Foundation Sweden will be subject to certain reporting requirements from the recipient. In addition, the opportunity should be offered for our project staff to conduct regular monitoring visits at the project location and, as appropriate, participate in the project implementation.

The specific requirements will depend on and be adapted to each project and partner organisation. This should only be viewed as an illustration of how a typical reporting template might look:

Example of a reporting template

The report must be submitted no later than two months after the end of the project. For the exact date, see the terms you received when the music donation was paid.

The report can be submitted in English or Swedish with a summary in English.

Submit the report to

Financial and Numeric Reporting

  • Reporting of project income and expenses and results. The report shall clearly show the use and outcome of the financial support from Signatur Foundation Sweden. Using the budget submitted in the application as a reference, add a new column with actual outcome. If the project has been awarded a music donation from several parties, clearly state the use of the grant from Signatur Foundation Sweden.
  • If the project has been granted 300,000 SEK or more in support, the financial report of the music donation must be certified by an accountant or accounting consultant.
  • Audience figures in cases where the project generated public performances.
  • Number of women / men involved in the project.
  • Reporting of geographic area where the bulk of the project was carried out.


  • Example of how Signatur Foundation Sweden´s support for the project has been acknowledged.
  • Any news items, clippings, printed matter, etc. if applicable.
  • At least three photo images from the project implementation (format: .jpg or .png) for publication on Signatur Foundation Sweden’s website, together with a short paragraph describing the project. The pictures should have copyrights extending to Signatur Foundation Sweden and, if applicable, parental or guardian consent of any pictures of children under the age of 13.

Project narrative

  • Summary of the project.
  • Implementation and outcome in relation to the objectives of the application.
  • Any changes in the project or project conditions.
  • Have you worked internationally? If yes, how?
  • Describe how the project or learnings of the completed project will survive after the project’s end date.
  • Additional information you wish to submit.

Signatur may require:

  • The accounts in full.
  • Certificate of Authorized Public Accountant.