Current project support

Signatur Foundation Sweden promotes a varied musical offering characterized by high quality and artistic renewal. We are continuing our project support which began in 2018 by funding new, exciting projects where we look forward to developing the co-operation with our partner organisations.

New exciting projects

Signatur Foundation Sweden supports several projects aimed at contributing to the development of children, young people and adults through the art of music:

AKT at Malmö Opera.

Arctic Light in the region of Norrbotten.

Classical Music – Get Closer through Kristianstads kommun and Musik i Syd.

El Sistema Sweden.

Gotland School of Music Composition.

Gränslandet – a symphonic festival 2021

Järna Festival Academy offers digital music meetings in Zoom Lounge.

Libravoice through the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Magical House by Young at the Opera, the Royal Swedish Opera.

Make Music Matter! through Linnaeus University.

”Meet in music – whole life” through Sundbybergs Stad.

ShareMusic & Performing Arts.

Songlines through Länsmusiken.

Swedish Chamber Orchestra through the Di Piu Foundation.

UTOM (Young minds for music) – “How does the music life of the future sound?”

YOMA – Young Musicians Academy.


Signatur Foundation Sweden wants to contribute to enhanced access to music education that can give young people valuable experiences that will strengthen society through social and cultural engagement.
Barn övar körsång. Unrecognizable teacher giving a lesson during music class.

Children in choir rehearsal.

Med stöd av stiftelsen Signatur har Malmö Opera möjlighet att genomföra projektet AKT.

AKT – Malmö Opera

AKT, which stands for Arrangement, Culture, Theatre, is aimed at children and young adults who are interested in performing arts and are keen to discover more about the various professions represented...

Kören Arctic Light från Norrbotten.

Arctic Light in the region of Norrbotten

Arctic Light was formed based on the strong vision of the choir director, composer and artistic leader Susanna Lindmark. She envisioned a musical greenhouse for young women in the region of Norrbotten...

El Sistema Sweden

The El Sistema Foundation is a unifying force for development of quality educational methods by offering educational platforms and role models such as El Sistema Academy, El Sistema Play, the internat...

The Gotland School of Music Composition

The Gotland School of Music Composition was founded in 1995 and since its inception, has run a university preparatory course in music composition. A large number of those studying music composition at...

Gränslandet – symfonisk fest 2021.


With a strong commitment to take classical music to new places and reach a wider audience, pianist David Huang and conductor Christian Karlsen founded Gränslandet – A Symphonic Festival. Since the Su...

I Järna Festival Academys bjuder svenska och internationella toppmusiker välkänd och okänd musik. Nu kan du återuppleva ett urval av dessa festivalupplevelser hemifrån i digitala Salong ZOOM.

Järna Festival Academy

During the four years of Järna Festival Academy (JFA), Swedish and international prominent musicians have chosen to perform both well-known and obscure music during the festival. You are now warmly in...


With the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden, the Royal College of Music (KMH) can implement the Libravoice project. Through music and musical collaborations, Libravoice aims to create a collaborati...

Barn besöker det magiska huset – Kungliga Operan i Stockholm


The Magical House is a digital production by Young at the Opera for the Royal Swedish Opera’s online platform called Opera Play.  In the programme, students and educators get a behind the scenes look ...

Make Music Matter!

Make Music Matter! is both a network and a school project for music teachers. The purpose of Make Music Matter! is to give students new opportunities to work with music as a form of expression and mea...

Projektet "Mötas i Musiks" fioltjej i rött Diana Parhizgar samspelar med Birgitta Skyllkvist.

Meet in Music – whole life

The city of Sundbyberg in Stockholm county will now have the opportunity to implement the project ”Meet in Music – Whole Life” from 2019 to 2021, with support from Signatur Foundation Sweden.  The pro...

Med stöd av Stiftelsen Signatur kan Musik i Syd  fördjupa arbetet och skapa förutsättningar för att barn ska möta den klassiska musiken och Kulturkvarteret i Kristianstad.

Musik i Syd

With the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden, Kristianstad Municipality in association with Musik i Syd, can expand its work and create the conditions for children to engage with classical music and...

ShareMusicLab i Gnosjö 2019 var ett tvärkonstnärligt labb med musiker och dansare. Temat för labbet var mötet mellan maskin och människa och att undersöka saker som är viktiga för hela systemet, som arbete, för att sedan översätta det genom kroppen. Foto: ShareMusic & Performing Arts

ShareMusic & Performing Arts

ShareMusic & Performing Arts was able to launch the project “ShareMusic ArtLabs” with the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden in 2019. It offers a new type of platform for exchange and work with...

Arvsfondsprojektet Songlines vill att ungdomar ska känna sig välkomna och få möjligheten att uttrycka sig med kultur och musik.


With support from Signatur Foundation Sweden, Songlines can strengthen its programme in the county of Stockholm by offering young refugees in Sweden access to integrated music activities, mixed with l...

Spelglädje när bebisar och deras föräldrar deltar i Svenska Kammarorkesterns inspelningar.

Swedish Chamber Orchestra

The Swedish Chamber Orchestra in Örebro has been conducting a much-appreciated baby activity since 2016. The activity offers rhythm sessions and baby concerts with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra togeth...

UTOM (Young minds for music)

With the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden, the Young Minds for Music network is implementing the project "How does the music life of the future sound?", a cultural political project in Malmö cons...

YOMA - Young Musicians Academy stöds I tre projekt av Signatur – insamlingsstiftelse för musikfrämjande

YOMA – Young Musicians Academy

Thanks to the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden - the National Centre for Musical Talents (NCM) is developing  its activities at a rapid pace in line with its objective; - to be a national meet...

International recognition

“I am very pleased that Signatur Foundation Sweden has granted funding for such a fantastic project – promoting exciting get-togethers for children and classical music in the Kulturkvarteret venue, where Helsingborg’s Symphony Orchestra makes its mark. The collaboration with Musik i Syd is important for Kristianstad municipality and the donated funds signify international recognition of this essential development work which makes a difference for so many!”

Ulrika Cedell, Culture and Leisure Director, Kristianstad municipality