FUNKTION – inclusive art and culture

FUNKTION is a collaboration betwen Bibu, Scen:se, Gävleborg Folk Theatre and the Performing Arts Biennale in Västerås. With support from Signatur Foundation Sweden, an expanded programme of both performances and seminars will take place. FUNKTION has also received funding from the Cultural Council for projects that strengthen culture in schools.

Scen:se is a 3 year project where stage art experiences are created for children and young people with complex intellectual disabilities.  Scen:se’s aim is that everyone should have the opportunity to experience culture and art regardless of cognitive functionality or needs.

Parts of FUNKTION will be presented at the Performing Arts Biennale in Västerås in May 2021.

Read more about the FUNKTION programme here

Performing arts made accessible

”It’s a matter of course for us that people, regardless of their capabilities, have the right to participate in cultural experiences.  But we have to start questioning how we communicate with our audience groups and how we can create art for them on their own terms.  For children who can neither see nor hear and have enormous challenges in understanding their surroundings, how can they participate in a performing arts experience that is relevant, accessible and created exclusively for them?  I hope that FUNKTION during Bibu creates opportunities to inspire, develop and make performing arts accessible for people with complex disabilities.”

Eva von Hofstén, Project Manger, Scen:se