Signatur Foundation Sweden is an organisation that, through its grants programme, aims to create a better society through the unifying power of music and music-making.


The purpose of Signatur’s grants programme is to promote music in Sweden and the other Nordic countries.  Signatur awards grants to non-profit organisations that operate for public benefit, and whose project proposals meet one or more of the foundation’s grant-making criteria.

We support projects that benefit first-class music education, increase public access to high quality music, broaden the base for music life and make use of music to facilitate cultural integration. Shared experiences of music can help bridge barriers between people and cultures.  We also support projects in music-related performing art forms, such as dance, ballet and theatre.

The focus on education, accessibility and a broad-based music life in our grant-making criteria means that Signatur particularly welcomes initiatives involving children and young people, and projects which enable more people to access invaluable musical experiences or opportunities to develop and be inspired musically.


Signatur is led by its Board of Directors which is responsible for the overall strategy and for determining the projects which may be granted support in the annual Signatur programme. The processing of applications and day-to-day administration of projects is handled by Signatur’s staff at the Stockholm office.

We take an active interest in the projects which receive our support, and donation recipients are expected to assist Signatur to monitor and participate in ongoing project activities. Site visits and meetings with participants provide us with a deeper understanding of the projects, enabling constructive feedback when we see opportunities for development or synergies in the form of collaboration with other partners in our network.


Signatur relies on financial contributions to fulfil its mission.

Our founder, The Karlsson Játiva Charitable Foundation (KJCF) has supported Signatur with annual grants since 2018, but we gratefully accept support from other funders.

For information on how to make a contribution to Signatur, please contact us.


Signatur works to make transformative experiences of music and performing arts accessible to more people.  By promoting musical diversity, we endeavour to contribute to the development of musical life in Sweden and the other Nordic countries with breadth and quality.

Annual report

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