Gränslandet - a Symphonic Festival

With a strong commitment to take classical music to new places and reach a wider audience, pianist David Huang and conductor Christian Karlsen founded Gränslandet – A Symphonic Festival in 2017.

Since then, through collaborations with some of the best musicians and artists of our time,  Gränslandet has created unique music experiences for people of all ages, regardless of background and previous musical knowledge.  With references to pop culture and contemporary artistic expressions in an environment where the typical young Stockholm resident feels right at home, Gränslandet shows visitors to the Trädgården venue that “Classical music” is for everyone!

Gränslandet 2024 – implemented with support from Signatur

Signatur Foundation Sweden among has through donations to the non-profit association ALMA supported the production of Gränslandet since 2018, and contributes again to the 2024 version of the festival.

For more information and to book your ticket, please visit Gränslandet’s website:  The festival programme is also published there.

Broader access to one of the oldest forms of cultural heritage

”The importance of the support from Signatur Foundation Sweden and Erland Karlsson in making the Gränslandet Festival possible cannot be underestimated. Even though we receive tremendous appreciation for the festival and it often receives recognition both nationally and internationally, it is a struggle to finance it every year. Without Signatur’s significant and long-term support, our vision of broadening access to one of the oldest forms of cultural heritage would not have been possible.”

Christian Karlsen, conductor and founder of Gränslandet