We welcome applications

Our 2022 application round is now closed and we are processing the submissions.


Signatur Foundation Sweden is keen to hear from you if your organisation already has or plans new activities to provide access to broad qualitative music education and/or improve the opportunities for the public to enjoy high quality music. If you believe that teaming up with Signatur could help, don’t hesitate to apply to our music foundation.

Signatur Foundation Sweden has the main public benefit purpose, using the contributed funds, of promoting, solely or exclusively, a vibrant Swedish and Nordic music life by providing access to broad qualitative music education and improving the opportunities for the public to enjoy high quality music. In particular, our music foundation intends to promote efforts to broaden the base for Swedish and Nordic music life and to further create the conditions for cultural integration through music. In addition to music, we can also support other closely related forms of performing arts such as dance, ballet or theater. Signatur’s purpose can be met by its own activities or by supporting or collaborating with stakeholders to promote the purpose.


The application process starts with the applying organization submitting a brief description of the project concept it wants to share with us by filling out a project concept form -available online when the applications window is open – for our first assessment. You are welcome to contact us  in advance with any queries.


Once the project concept form has been submitted, we will assess it together with all other new project ideas received during the period. All project concepts are assessed in a group to ensure a fair assessment based on our established grant making criteria. You may be contacted to clarify and/or supplement your concept note with additional information.


We try to provide feedback within two months after the last date for submission with a decision if we want to proceed or reject an application. If we choose to proceed, we will request more information about your organisation.


Here we will ask for a complete application with a more detailed description of your project, as well as your project plan, schedule and budget. Additional information we may request in connection with the application may include references, annual reports, statutes, guidelines or the like. An assigned project manager works closely with you to assist in the process.


The Board makes a decision about the projects they wish to support.


We enter into a contract that governs our commitment to support the project and your commitment to implement it and subsequent evaluation and accounting requirements. Once this is completed the project can commence.


Organisations which receive grants need to spell out in detail how the funds will be used to enable an assessment of how well and efficiently the project meets Signatur’s Grant Criteria. We want to establish in-depth relationships with organisations receiving grants, in order to further strengthen the common networking effects among individuals and organisations with similar objectives. For this reason, we prioritise projects that can lead to lead to long-term cooperation. It is also important that the applicant can demonstrate it has sufficient organisational stability and capacity to fulfil the reporting requirements. Reporting guidelines


Project concept form

The Project Concept Form is available here when our applications window is open.