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Our 2023 call for applications has closed.  We will now process and review the submitted proposals for new music projects and will send more information to applicants as soon as possible.  Decisions will be posted in the digital application system.

To apply for funding from Signatur, you have to register for an account in our user-friendly application system, which you find here.  Signatur does not accept applications by post or email.


Signatur Foundation Sweden can only support projects run by non-profit organisations operating for public benefit.  Therefore, if you are an individual seeking support for a music project, you first need to find a suitable non-profit organisation willing to host the project.  If funding is granted, it is important that this organisation is prepared to take legal responsibility for the project and able to fulfil Signatur’s requirements regarding accountancy and communication.


When Signatur accepts new applications, a form for the new call opens in our digital application system.  Please note that you must create an account in our application system with your email address as username, and then follow the instructions in the digital form to submit your proposal.

If you have questions about a potential application, you can of course contact us before submitting the form, but we accept proposals only through the digital application system.


Signatur’s board reviews all project proposals received and assesses them based on the foundation’s grant making criteria.  A first selection is made based on how well the applications match the purpose and objectives of the foundation. The funding budget for the year in question also affects the number of projects that can be supported.

Applicants who do not proceed to stage 2 will be informed of the Board’s decision. Unfortunately, Signatur is unable to provide individual feedback to all unsuccessful projects, but we endeavour to inform all applicants if they have proceeded to step 2 or not within two months of the application deadline.


Applicants who proceed to step 2 of the application process will be asked to supplement their proposal with additional information in the application system. At this stage, Signatur collects information on the organisation’s activities, such as the annual report, statutes and policy documents.

In some cases, the board may ask that the submitted project description be developed or revised with changes to the budget and/or timeline before a final decision is made. Signatur’s Programme Manager works closely with the applicant to assist in the process.


At a second meeting, Signatur’s board decides which projects will receive funding and which amounts will be granted.

For projects that have been granted funding, Signatur draws up an agreement that regulates the foundation’s commitment to support the project and the applicant organisation’s commitment to implement it.  The terms of the agreement include reporting, evaluation and communication requirements. The project can only start once the agreement has been signed by both parties.


The single most important factor affecting the assessment of applications is how well and efficiently the project meets Signatur’s grant making criteria.

We want to establish in-depth relationships with organisations that share our objectives and where we see opportunities to develop a long-term collaboration with potential networking benefits to both Signatur and the applicant organisation. A key factor is also that the applicant has sufficient organisational stability and capacity to fulfil Signatur’s reporting requirements

For more information on the application process, please read our compilation of Frequently Asked Questions.



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