IMPRA jam & networking events

At a time when the role of music and culture in society is being questioned and gender issues are de-prioritised, the non-profit association IMPRA is taking another step forward. With support from Signatur Foundation Sweden, IMPRA is making a special effort to create more accessible meeting places for musicians in the form of inclusive jam sessions, enriching lectures for music institutions and network meetings for music practitioners. These three tracks constitute a breeding ground and springboard for creating a more equal re-growth of the Swedish jazz and improvisation scene.

Inclusive Jam and Networking

IMPRA jams and networking events are an initiative to open the doors to a setting where more people can feel free to express themselves creatively, and feel welcomed into the inner circle of the jazz and improvisation network. There is a great demand for jams and spaces for networking and training, especially among IMPRA’S target audience of music students and professional musicians who identify as women, transgender or non-binary. Jamming is a central part of the jazz tradition and meeting new musicians is important for the development of every musician. There are few organisations that offer inclusive jams, lectures and networking events. Due to its experience and expertise in this field, IMPRA has a significant role to play in the sector.

IMPRA is at the forefront of creating inclusive jam sessions, a context that has tended to be characterised by exclusivity and patriarchal hierarchies. IMPRA’s Signatur-supported project organises jam sessions that promote an inclusive social environment. Music performers who identify as women, transgender or non-binary here have a natural opportunity to be both given and to take place.

Through IMPRA’s networking events, music practitioners can meet off-stage to share experiences and inspire each other. Meetings where musicians together enthuse and are each other’s pillars for a more vibrant and growing music life!

Educating and Inspiring Lectures

The work for a more gender equal and fair jazz and improvisation scene in Sweden needs to take place in several places simultaneously. Therefore, within the framework of the Signatur project, IMPRA visits educational institutions providing lectures in gender awareness, norm criticism and what equal opportunities and gender equality look like within the Swedish jazz and improvisation scene.

The lectures educate teachers and students on how to recognise structures that hold some people back while rewarding others. Participants will discuss and be given tools to develop their organisations to work towards the gender-equal musical life IMPRA wishes to see. With the donation from Signatur, IMPRA is able to give schools, associations and institutions with limited budgets but an interest in developing their activities the opportunity to book IMPRA’s lectures or seminars at a subsidised rate.

In order to strengthen creativity and create positive paths forward in professional life, it is important to meet and be inspired by role models. For this reason, IMPRA also organises inspirational lectures where they invite musicians, composers or other professionals who identify as women, transgender or non-binary.

Supporting travel for young people

Regardless of where they live, jazz and improvisation musicians should be able to take part in IMPRA’s activities. Therefore, the project offers a travel grant for young people to use in connection with one of the organisation’s activities.