Project Support 2023-24

Signatur promotes a varied musical offering characterized by high quality and artistic renewal. Our support to music projects was launched in 2018 and we are continuing to fund new, exciting music projects, developing the co-operation with our partner organisations.


Current music projects

Signatur supports a variety of music projects, several of which aim at contributing to the development of children, young people and adults through the art of music:


À la Baroque at Drottningholms Slottsteater

The Deer Park through Chronotopia

Dream Orchestra Learning Centre.

Empower Production at Fryshuset.

Future Musical Role Models through UTOM.

Make Music Matter! through Linnaeus University.

Musethica Sessions in Östergötland by Musethica Sweden.

Running for Beethoven by Fairplay Chamber Music (formerly Järna Festival Academy).

The Talent Programme at Folkoperan

Unboxing Opera by Den Andra Operan.


Through a donation from The Karlsson Játiva Charitable Foundation, RBU (Children and Young People with Disabilities) and Musik i Syd have since the summer of 2023 had the opportunity to collaborate further on the development of adapted and inclusive music productions in the project Adapted Music Sessions.

Through a donation from The Karlsson Játiva Charitable Foundation, the Royal Swedish Opera can in 2023-24 continue their work with the project The Magical House.


Signatur Foundation Sweden wants to help enhance access to music education in order to give young people valuable experiences through social and cultural engagement.


When Signatur accepts new project proposals, you register your application here.

À la Baroque: A Raging Storm in the Heart

AN ADVENTURE OF TRANSFORMATION AT DROTTNINGHOLM PALACE THEATRE A Raging Storm in the Heart is an adventure of transformation among gods, monsters, heroes and ordinary mortals. The show features Frenc...

The Deer Park

THE MUSIC OF CULTURAL HERITAGE Events of the past can shape the self-image of a community for centuries. Europe's 20th century history, like our own troubled present, shows the importance of dealing ...

Dream Orchestra Learning Centre

Dream Orchestra, the symphonic orchestral music education programme for children and young people from all layers of society, has received a new grant in the 2024 Signatur programme, in support of the...


Empower Productions was launched in Spring 2022 with the aim to enable more young girls and non-binary young people to become involved in music production. Since 2024 the programme is implemented in S...

Future musical role models

The regeneration of wind musicians is under threat. With the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden, the UTOM think tank (UTOM stands for “Young minds for music”) has launched an initiative to strength...

Make Music Matter!

A COLLABORATION AROUND MUSIC AS FORM OF EXPRESSION In Make Music Matter! academic researchers, schools, music and tech industry representatives and the cultural sector reach out to and collaborative ...

Musethica Sessions in Östergötland

Concerts with social impact With support from Signatur Foundation Sweden, in 2023 Musethica organised about 30 chamber music concerts in schools, hospitals, prisons, daily activities and other social...

The Talent Programme

Folkoperan's newly established Talent Programme exists to develop the next generation of opera starrs, offering them professional development and creative encounters. The programme, which received sup...

Running for Beethoven

The "Running for Beethoven" race combines culture and public health in a unique way in the scenic area around Kulturhuset in Ytterjärna.  Ludwig van Beethoven's famous Fate Symphony is broadcast live ...

Unboxing Opera

Den Andra Operan (“The Other Opera”) is changing the basis of what opera can, will and may be, now and in the future, by “unboxing” the forgotten operas of female composers, bringing them out of the a...


The Magical House is a digital production by Young Opera for The Royal Swedish Opera’s streaming platform Opera Play.  In the programme, students and teachers go behind the scenes to discover the art ...

Adapted Music Sessions

Adapted music sessions for children and young people with disabilities started as a pilot project in autumn 2022. Through a donation from The Karlsson Játiva Charitable Foundation, the founder of t...

A safe space in which to grow

”Our participants in the Empower Productions project have been able to try out music production while having fun together and experimenting with their own expression in music creation. We have received very positive feedback from our participants when it comes to working in a separatist environment and having a safe space in which they can grow.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to carry out our project with support from Signatur and thus create better conditions and more opportunities for young girls and non-binary people to take their passion for music further, as well as to enrich the music industry of the future with greater diversity.”

Jessica Wejhem, Project Manager Empower Productions, Fryshuset.