Adapted Music Sessions

Adapted music sessions for children and young people with disabilities started as a pilot project in autumn 2022.

Through a donation from The Karlsson Játiva Charitable Foundation, the founder of the Signatur programme, RBU (Children and Young People with Disabilities) and Musik i Syd have been given the opportunity to launch a project to develop adapted and inclusive music productions for children and young people with disabilities.

Adapted music sessions for children and young people with disabilities is a collaboration between RBU Skåne and Musik i Syd, but other organisations with activities aimed at children with disabilities will also be invited to participate in the project and its music sessions.

In collaboration with a music therapist with high competence in the field, the project will adapt existing music productions for children and young people from the catalogue of YOUNG Musik i Syd. Project development is planned for a period of three years. During the first two years, selected music productions will be offered to children with functional variants on several stages and in several municipalities around Skåne.

RBU Skåne has an expressed desire to make opera accessible to children and the main goal is therefore to create an opera performance specially adapted for the target group during the third year of the project. Collaboration will take place with local opera companies and Malmö Opera. The final opera production will be made into a film at the end of the project in spring 2026.

To further demonstrate the importance of accessibility for all children and young people regardless of function and health, a researcher will be affiliated to the project in spring 2024. Ongoing research evaluation will ensure that the project is continuously monitored, and the researcher will highlight the children’s experiences in their encounter with music.

Adapted Music Sessions has its own project page on Musik i Syd’s home page (in Swedish).