Signatur's Grant Making Criteria

Signatur Foundation Sweden can only provide funding to projects and partners whose aims are consistent the objectives of the foundation, as defined in Signatur’s founding articles, that is:

  • to promote a vibrant Swedish and Nordic music life by providing access to broad qualitative music education;
  • to improve the opportunities for the public to enjoy high-quality music;
  • to promote efforts to broaden the base for Swedish and Nordic music life;
  • to create the conditions for cultural integration through music; and
  • in addition to music, to support other related forms of performing arts such as dance, ballet or theatre.


Signatur can only award grants to legal entities (organisations) which operate for public benefit and are not-for-profit.

We do not process applications for support towards an organisation’s regular operations. The aim of our grant programme is to support projects beyond an organisation’s core activities.

Individuals are not eligible to apply, since Signatur’s grants are intended for organisations, not individuals.

Signatur’s grants are aimed at professional activities, and therefore we do not award grants to purely amateur projects.

Eligible to apply?

More about eligibility in our FAQ