Signatur Foundation Sweden (Swedish: Signatur– Insamlingsstiftelse för musikfrämjande) is a foundation that seeks to support organisations and projects that aim to provide more people access to high quality music.

Signatur Foundation Sweden promotes high quality music

Signatur seeks to support organisations and projects that aim to provide more people with access to broad qualitative music education and/or improve the opportunities for the public to enjoy high quality music. We aim to reach in particular those, not least young people, who otherwise may not have that experience.

Signatur is fulfilling its mission by funding projects implemented by partner organisations who share our passion for music and who have the capability to reach across diverse segments of society to inspire quality music making and improving access to music from a wide range of genres. Below are links to some of the projects we are currently supporting.


Our 2022 applications round has now closed and we are currently processing the received submissions. Read more about applications to Signatur here:


When the next application round opens you will find our Project Concept Form here.


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In this film about the project Make Music Matter!, funded by Signatur, we see participants in Make Music Matter! activities at the Järvaveckan event in Stockholm in June 2022.

Musicians about Signatur

”It is very important today that there are actors apart from the state that work independently in support of music life in Sweden. Signatur Foundation Sweden plays a significant role in that regard. The fact that they also incorporate a social dimension and education in their work makes them a critical organisation for Swedish music and cultural life as a whole and a tool to create a better society for all.”

David Huang, pianist and Christian Karlsen, conductor


Our Mission Statement

Together with likeminded partners we aim to create a force for an improved society with the help of the unifying power of music. We want to open doors to the world of music for everyone, focusing on opportunities to those who might not otherwise have the chance to actively engage in, or have access to high quality music and music education. We seek to act as a counterbalance to the trends in society towards superficiality and intolerance, building on the innate potential of music and musicianship to unite people across ages and cultures. Read more about us >>

A fantastic musical treasure

”Through the collaboration with Sexton strängar, we have been able to work towards Signatur Foundation Sweden’s aim to create conditions for cultural integration through music. By meeting the musicians in Sexton strängar, our pupils have encountered a fantastic musical treasure. Through music they have gained experience in feeling and using all of their senses.”

Rikard Samuelsson, Principal of Centrumskolan in Växjö