Signatur Foundation Sweden supports organisations and projects that aim to provide more people access to high quality music.

Signatur seeks through its grant program to create a better society through the uniting power of music and music making.  We are particularly interested in projects directed towards children and young people, initiatives that provide more people with access to high quality music education and ideas that improve the opportunities for the public to enjoy high quality music from a wide range of genres.  We support partner organisations who share our passion for music and for reaching all parts of society, not least groups with limited access to inspiring music experiences and music education of the highest quality.

Support from Signatur

Our most recent application round closed in September 2023. As soon as the date for the next call of applications has been decided, we will announce the opening and closing dates in our application system. In 2024, we will accept project proposals with a starting date in March 2025 or later.

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Make Music Matter! at the Culture Festival in Stockholm 2023

Art opens up new worlds

”The importance of involving children and young people in artistic activities cannot be overemphasised. Art opens up new worlds and helps us to reflect on deeply fundamental questions about what it is to be human. Through the support from Signatur, Drottningholm Slottsteater can give young audiences experiences they never knew existed in a project that offers first-class art in a unique environment. Having the opportunity to perform music and theatre for schools is important in order to reach children whose do not gain access to this culture through their family.”

Anna Karinsdotter, Head of Theatre, Drottningholms Slottsteater


Our Mission Statement

Together with likeminded partners we aim to create a force for an improved society with the help of the unifying power of music. We want to open doors to the world of music for everyone, focusing on opportunities to those who might not otherwise have the chance to actively engage in, or have access to high quality music and music education. We seek to act as a counterbalance to the trends in society towards superficiality and intolerance, building on the innate potential of music and musicianship to unite people across ages and cultures. Read more about us >>

Gränslandet - A Symphonic Festival 2022. Photographer: Nadja Sjöström.

A safe space in which to grow

”Our participants in the Empower Productions project have been able to try out music production while having fun together and experimenting with their own expression in music creation. We have received very positive feedback from our participants when it comes to working in a separatist environment and having a safe space in which they can grow.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to carry out our project with support from Signatur and thus create better conditions and more opportunities for young girls and non-binary people to take their passion for music further, as well as to enrich the music industry of the future with greater diversity.”

Jessica Wejhem, Project Manager Empower Productions, Fryshuset.