Partner Organisations

Links to partners in Sweden with whom we currently work:

Akt, Malmö Opera

Arctic Light, Norrbottensmusiken

Gotland School of Music Composition, Folk University

Gränslandet, Symphonic Festival at Trädgården

Järna Festival Academy

Kristianstad kommun, Musik i Syd

Linnaeus University, Make Music Matter!

Musikaliska akademien Unga tankar om musik

Nationellt centrum för musiktalanger, NCM–gora/nationellt-centrum-for-musiktalanger.html

Sharemusic & Performing Arts


Stiftelsen Di Piu, Swedish Chamber Orchestra

Stiftelsen El Sistema, Göteborg

Sundbybergs stad

The Royal Swedish Opera


Links to partners in the United Kingdom with whom our founder KJCF currently works:

Aurora Orchestra

Music Masters

Music of Life –

Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice

ORA Singers

The Music Works –

The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire,

We see a great opportunity for developing collaboration with international partners, not least through exchanges with other organisations supported by Signatur’s founder in the United Kingdom, such as The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and Music Masters. They pursue well-designed educational programs attracting students from a wide range of backgrounds in innovative projects for the benefit of both the young people’s music development and for the widening of public interest in music.

We would like to see that our partners and network in Sweden can find inspiration and mutual benefit from cooperation with our British partners. Through this, Signatur can contribute to increased global collaboration for the benefit of young people’s education and continued music interest. An increased need for collaboration with international partners creates new opportunities and sharing of successful working methods, educational work with proven results and contributes to increased understanding of cultural life. We see many opportunities in increased collaboration, more international partners, teacher exchanges, workshops, seminars and the like. Signatur aspires to be an agent to create a network with music organisations internationally to shape a creative collaborative process.