Cultural heritage becomes stories and music

With the generous support of Signatur Foundation Sweden, Dream Orchestra has launched a new project in January 2022 which involves and motivates students to express and communicate their thoughts and dreams through storytelling as a means to safeguard their cultural heritage and to build a community together with high quality music making in the orchestra.

Safe place for children and young people

Dream Orchestra (DO) offers a safe place for children and young people with a refugee or migrant background. Here they have the opportunity to meet and learn to play a musical instrument together in the symphony orchestra. By providing high-quality music education that is democratic, open and creative, DO has created an essential framework to increase social cohesion between migrants from all continents and Swedish society.

Since 2016, using the power of music Dream Orchestra has shown how cultural life and music education can be made more inclusive, working with young Swedes, refugees and migrants from 18 different countries in equal measure. Today, Dream Orchestra stands for a community that represents many ethnic groups in Swedish society. Young people interested in sharing their cultural heritage participate in orchestral and section rehearsals as well as instrumental lessons in small groups. They learn about world music and celebrate their traditions together several times a week. DO proposes a community model where the intensive learning of musical skills and the pursuit of musical excellence are accompanied by explicit learning of social and emotional skills. This leads to the development of aural and intellectual understanding and spiritual enjoyment of musical language.

The new project – a multicultural repertoire

In creating an action space (music creation, music in the community, fellowship), Dream Orchestra and has reached out to young people from many different cultural backgrounds. They have taken an interest in each other and through peer learning have become young leaders who celebrate their cultures together and devise arrangements of their music for the orchestra.

With the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden, Dream Orchestra has launched its new project in January 2022.  By motivating and involving the students in the creation of storytelling and a specific artistic repertoire based on traditional music from Sweden and other cultures around the world, they become protagonists in celebrating their traditions together through music and word.

With the support of our main stakeholders, Betlehemskyrkan, the University of Gothenburg and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, and together with the guidance of specialists in traditional music from Sweden, Afghanistan, Middle East, South America and Africa and specialists in storytelling, cultural heritage, acting and performance, a varied multicultural repertoire will be written down, performed at multiple venues and recorded.

The aim is to preserve, protect and develop the musical heritage of local and world music. By allowing the next generation to learn and strengthen their musical heritage, this material will be accessible for other music education programmes in Sweden to share with their students. It is a question of inclusion, equity and democracy: giving disadvantaged groups access to their history and heritage that might otherwise be lost.