Empower Production is a new project to enable more young girls and non-binary young people to become involved in music production. The project will be implemented in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Helsingborg, starting in Spring 2022 and running until the end of 2025. We are targeting young girls and non-binary young people, mainly from socio-economically disadvantaged areas.

Through this initiative, we want to raise the level of Swedish and Nordic music life by enabling more young girls and non-binary young people from socio-economically disadvantaged areas to follow their passion and create music. This will eventually create a richer and fairer cultural life and the opportunity for the public to enjoy high-quality music. The aim is also to enable a positive transition for those young people involved in the project.


Through this project, we aim to change the perspective and expectation of who can become a music producer and in the long run contribute to improving the quality of music and to a more equal music industry. By working with young people, we can create change over the long term and achieve greater gender equality in music production and thereby a more creative and qualitative music life.

As of 2022, Empower Production has entered into a partnership with Signatur Foundation Sweden, who has also stepped in as a sponsor. The Foundation’s funding is of vital importance for Empower Production’s operations and for creating opportunities for more girls and non-binary young people to get involved in music production.


Empower Production builds on and complements an existing initiative that we run within Fryshuset; Connect, Compress, Change (3C) which also aims to increase gender equality in the music industry. 3C creates method and commitment and through Signatur Foundation Sweden’s grant, we aim to capture this commitment and enable young people to channel it further through time in the studio with professional producers, instructors and leaders.

Furthermore, we will be working with the non-profit organisation Popkollo. Popkollo has extensive experience of working to make music accessible to young girls and transgender young people. By working together, we can strengthen the project’s collective expertise and experience, and at the same time provide greater opportunities for young people to meet and expand their networks.


Empower Production is a new collaboration between Fryshuset and Signatur Foundation Sweden. The project starts in Spring 2022 and runs until 2025. It is a project with a strong focus on music, creativity, gender equality and networking between young female and non-binary music producers. In Spring 2022 we will begin our leader-led studio sessions.

The project includes:

– Leader-led individual music production sessions.

– Joint workshops and camps.


The Fryshuset Foundation is Sweden’s largest organisation for young people! Since 1984 we have been working for young people. All young people. Even those no one else has believed in. With us, the door is always open for anyone who wants to engage and develop – regardless of background, interest or ambition. Fryshuset works to ensure that society takes young people’s opinions and ideas seriously. We are convinced that this contributes to a creative and solution-oriented social climate where we dare to think in new ways and find new solutions.

Fryshuset runs 60 different activities at 8 locations around Sweden. We reach 13,000 young people per month and implement 350,000 hours of activities per month. We believe that young people can change the world through their passions. To be creative and to be taken seriously. To find their own voice and tell their story through music. That’s the kind of thing that can change everything.

Fryshuset is a broad-based organisation where the door is open to anyone who is curious, regardless of skills. Thanks to our values and individual approach, we can connect with all young people and offer development at their level, enabling us to nurture young musicians from hobby to elite level. From passion to profession. We want to raise more voices and create more platforms for young people to be heard. To democratise the music industry and to have more young people flourish in the industry.