Future musical role models

The regeneration of wind musicians is under threat. With the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden, the UTOM think tank (UTOM stands for “Young minds for music”) has launched an initiative to strengthen the chain of education and training necessary for a vibrant regrowth in the next generation of musicians.

Inspirational meeting with role models

In the “Future musical role models” project launched in autumn 2023, four newly graduated musicians have been visiting orchestras in Swedish music schools (“Kulturskolor”) across the southern regions of Skåne and Kronoberg.  Through the encounters, the young musicians gain inspiration towards a potential future career in professional music and get a boost in their musical trajectory.  The autumn 2023 tour involved a total of 19 orchestras at 12 music schools.

The meetings

Each participating Kulturskola receive two visits from a wind musician duo, with a few weeks in between the meetings.  During the visits, students get to meet young musical role models who inspire them by telling them about their own journey from being students in the music school, to where they are right now, and by playing for and with the orchestras.  The two duos consist of Samuel Knutsson (trumpet) with Kasper Wennberg (saxophone), and Amanda Salonen Ripa (flute) with Ella Kjellberg (clarinet).

About UTOM

The UTOM think tank is an independent network that aims to capitalise on the ideas, potential and voices of young people working professionally in Swedish music. In UTOM, music personalities from all genres meet, develop, network and work together towards the inclusive, challenging, tolerant and bold cultural life of the future.

UTOM’s parent organisation is the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. Read more about UTOM and the project on their own website: https://www.ungatankarommusik.se/framtidens-musikaliska-forebilder/

Musical role models Amanda Salonen Ripa and Ella Kjellberg on tour.