Hum Hum Hume

A philosophical monologue embedded in music

Actor Andreas T Olsson has written a poetic story with reflections on the sea, music and the adventurous spirit inspired by the real life story of sea captain, musician and composer Tobias Hume. Thanks to a grant from Signatur, the children’s production Hum hum Hume will in May 2023 be played for children aged 7-10 in the Déjeuner salon at Drottningholm Palace Theatre (Drottningholms Slottsteater).

Children’s perspective and school activities

In Hum hum Hume, children are offered top level music-making in a production that opens up reflections on existential questions about life, time and art. The World Heritage-listed theatre aims to bring culture to children through an inclusive, cutting-edge project and a production created from the children’s perspective. Children will encounter music and musical instruments they never knew existed in an environment that sparks their imagination.

Drottningholms Slottsteater targets schools in the local area, such as Ekerö municipality, and the western part of Stockholm. Reaching out to teachers and schools is important to reach children whose relatives do not bring them to cultural events. Two indviduals do outreach work on behalf of the theatre for this production, contacting, informing and enthusing teachers. Through cooperation with the City of Stockholm’s Kulan, more schools are reached and through the Barn i stan web channel the theatre reach more parents. Drottningholms slottsteater produces a teacher’s guide so that children can prepare before and continue to work after the visit. A playlist is also created to encourage further listening.

Hume – a music-making soldier and sea captain

Tobias Hume was a Scottish soldier and sea captain who ended up in Sweden in the late 16th century. He was also a musician and composer who, while travelling through Europe, constantly carried with him his beloved instrument – a viola da gamba. In Hum Hum Hume, the well-known Swedish actor Andreas T Olsson – who wrote the script for the play – portrays the music-making sea captain Hume.

Internationally acclaimed cellist and viola da gamba player Mime Brinkmann has put together a bouquet of evocative music from the 17th century that adds further artistic layers to the monologue, performed by musicians from Drottningholms Slottsteater’s Orchestra. Costume designer and textile historian Anna Kjellsdotter has provided the actors and musicians with period costumes from the theatre’s costume store.

Are you curious about the music? The production has its own playlist on Spotify.

Artistic excellence in a unique setting

Hum hum Hume is performed in the Déjeuner salon, the theatre’s large foyer with windows overlooking the English Park created by Gustav III. Between 3 and 21 May, there will be 17 performances for schools and four performances for families. For the 90 children who can be seated at each show, thick cushions are placed on the theatre floor.

Drottningholms Slottsteater strives to maintain the highest artistic standards in its productions. The theatre has access to top-level artists and musicians, benefits from extensive knowledge of theatre and costume history, and sets high standards for all work related to a production. After completion of the project supported by Signatur, the hope is that the children, actors, musicians and everyone else involved in the production of Hum hum Hume will been culturally enriched by a very special experience.

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About the Foundation Drottningholms Slottsteater

Drottningholm Palace Theatre is a unique theatre building from 1766 and part of the Drottningholm World Heritage Site. The building was commissioned by Queen Lovisa Ulrika and was used extensively by the King Gustav III. It is the only venue in the world with an 18th century theatre stage still using its original wooden stage machinery operated by hand.

The theatre welcomes visitors from all over the world, and during the summer months the building is busy with opera performances, concerts, children’s activities, guided tours and exhibitions. Drottningholms Slottsteater receives an annual operating grant from the Swedish Ministry of Culture, which partly covers the costs of carrying out one yearly opera production and the theatre’s exhibition work. To make this World Heritage accessible to wider audiences, the theatre’s ambition is to also offer performances aimed at young audiences. This requires support from external funders, such as Signatur Foundation Sweden.

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