Make Music Matter!

Make Music Matter! is both a network and a school project for music teachers. The purpose of Make Music Matter! is to give students new opportunities to work with music as a form of expression and means of communication in innovative forms with the help of digital tools that students should be allowed to develop an approach that promotes entrepreneurship. Additionally, the programme offers competence development to music teachers to enhance their teaching and enable their students to be well equipped to participate in society’s music and cultural life.
The network is run by Linnaeus University and has existed since 2017.  It is growing rapidly and has about 650 registered members.

From 2021, Make Music Matter! is being implemented with the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden, alongside with other partnersso that all children will have the opportunity to develop different skills in and through music.


Make Music Matter! Collab 2 Compose is an international collaboration between Make Music Matter !, Linnaeus University, Signatur Foundation Sweden, the music service Soundtrap by Spotify and Wahzaa and the Birmingham Royal Conservatoire. The project places great emphasis on collaborative music creation in order to promote musical creativity, linguistic ability and cultural exchange between schools in the UK and Sweden. It is a project where music or music in combination with English and also other subjects can be included. The project includes a teacher’s guide and work material.

The project period for Collab 2 Compose is November 2021-March 2022. Each individual school has great freedom to develop their collaboration with their counterpart in the UK where a project can last for either 4-5 weeks to several months.

For more info and registration of interest: Välkommen att delta i Make Music Matter! Collab 2 Compose |


Make Music Matter! STORIES #ForABetterDay is a new and unique collaboration between Make Music Matter!, Linnaeus University, Tim Bergling Foundation and Signatur Foundation Sweden.
The project started Autumn of 2021 and run until 2022. It is a school project with a strong focus on music, creativity, digital technology and well-being. The project also deals with the story of the world artist Avicii, where the students get to work with Avicii’s music in their own music productions. The school project STORIES #ForABetterDay is about all people having a story to tell, a story about life that others need to hear.
Stories can be expressed in many ways and with different forms of expression such as lyrics, music, drama, dance, film, photography, design and handicrafts. It is a thematic project where all subjects can be involved.
Make Music Matter! STORIES #ForABetterDay is a project about music, creativity and mental health – is about well-being and about having faith in the future!


Music Stories – Students create music with original loops by Avicii in their own music productions.
Storytelling – Students make their own music podcasts about music, life experiences and mental health.
Challenge ”STORIES” – School classes post their “stories” on a digital platform.

The aim of the school project is for students to have the opportunity to express their own thoughts and ideas in their own musical creation in order to develop their ability to compose music. They are also given the opportunity to develop such knowledge qualities that are important in the creative process such as realization of intention, exploratory work, inventiveness, use of role models, self-esteem as well as craftsmanship and dramaturgical narration (musical narration).

More about the school project Make Music Matter! STORIES #ForABetterDay and how to register here:


Make Music Matter! runs various school projects that focus on children and young people to develop musical creativity, entrepreneurship, digital competence and compassion.
One project that was implemented in 2019/2020 was Make Music Matter! “I Have A Dream” which was a collaboration with ABBA The Museum which all ABBA members were behind. About 300 schools from all over Sweden participated in this project, which had a strong focus on children’s dreams. Among other things the students got to write their own lyrics to the ABBA song “I Have A Dream” and tell of their dreams using the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as a basis. In addition, a significant part of Swedish music history was illustrated within the framework of the project through the pop saga ABBA with exclusive material from ABBA The Museum. One of the participating classes in the school project also had the opportunity to participate with their contribution at the celebration of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child’s 30th anniversary ABBA The Museum in Stockholm, an event arranged by Unicef ​​Sweden together with ABBA The Museum.

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  • Make Music Matter! - med stöd från stiftelsen Signatur
    Fotograf: Tove Gustafsson