Make Music Matter!

Make Music Matter! is both a network and a school project for music teachers. The aim of Make Music Matter! is to give students new opportunities to work with music as a form of expression and means of communication in innovative forms with the help of digital tools and for students to develop an approach that promotes entrepreneurship. Additionally, the programme offers competence development to music teachers to enhance their teaching and enable their students to be well equipped to participate in society’s music and cultural life. The network has been run since 2017 by Linnaeus University, and is growing rapidly. Today it has around 650 registered members.

From 2021, Make Music Matter! is being implemented with the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden alongside other partners, so that all children will have the opportunity to develop different skills in and through music. In the Autumn of 2021, Make Music Matter! will implement a new exciting school project, and further information will be made available in March / April.

Several different school projects

Make Music Matter! runs various school projects that focus on children and young people, helping them to develop a shared humanity alongside strengthening their musical creativity, digital competence and entrepreneurship.

One project that was implemented in 2019/2020 was “Make Music Matter! I Have A Dream” which was a collaboration with ABBA The Museum. About 300 schools from all over the country participated in this project, which had a strong focus on children’s dreams. Among other things, the students wrote their own lyrics to the ABBA song “I Have A Dream” and shared their dreams in a project based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. In addition, a significant part of Swedish music history with the pop saga ABBA featured in the project with exclusive material from ABBA The Museum. One of the participating classes in the school project also had the opportunity to participate with their contribution at the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child at ABBA The Museum in Stockholm in November 2020, an event arranged by Unicef ​​Sweden and ABBA The Museum.

More about the project in Autumn 2021

Through various forms of artist collaborations, students will be able to work with composition in authentic environments similar to the music industry. In the programme, students must create their own intention for their work and define both the audience and the platform for their music production. Based on this, the students must then develop and process their musical ideas, which eventually leads to a relevant music production. Through this approach, students develop an understanding of the relationship between idea and product, where the process itself is the critical factor. The method used is a composition model, which highlights composing as an eight-step learning activity.

Furthermore, so-called digital e-portfolios will be used in the project, which enables teachers and students to communicate with each other during the creative process. The idea with this is to both develop and improve the students’ music productions, and to develop their understanding of the different steps of the creative process and its significance for the end product.

The aim of the school project is for students to have the opportunity to express their own thoughts and ideas for their musical creation in order to develop their ability to compose music. They also have the opportunity to develop qualities important in the creative process, such as realization of intention, exploratory work, innovation, use of role models, and ability for self-evaluation as well as craftsmanship and dramaturgical narration (musical narration).”

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  • Make Music Matter! - med stöd från stiftelsen Signatur
    Fotograf: Tove Gustafsson