Meet in Music – whole life

The city of Sundbyberg in Stockholm county has had the opportunity to implement the project ”Meet in Music – Whole Life” stating in 2019 and with an extension (because of Covid-19) until and throughout 2023 with support from Signatur Foundation Sweden.  The project provides a unique opportunity to strengthen and develop the work from a music therapy perspective of using music to improve the quality of life of the elderly in nursing and care homes.

Since 2010 the city’s adult social care department has included a full-time music therapist who works on integrating music, dance and movement as part of the daily nursing routine.

With the support from Signatur Foundation Sweden, another part-time therapist has been hired and 10 young people aged 16-25 years have also been recruited in partnership with the cultural school in Sundbyberg.  These young people have been working one day every two weeks in the city’s retirement/care homes and drop in centres to create musical encounters across the generations.

The vision is to spread knowledge about music as a unique tool for the health and well-being of our elderly.  When music is used in the right way, it can create calmness amid anxiety, a stimulus to engage in activities, and communication when words are not enough or have run out.

Meaningful encounters in music create a sense of belonging and context which can provide health benefits for both the elderly and the staff, and not least for the young people who have the experience of “making a difference”.

Read more about “Meet in Music – Whole Life” on Sundbyberg municipality’s website

Projektet "Mötas i Musiks" fioltjej i rött Diana Parhizgar samspelar med Birgitta Skyllkvist.

– “This lifts you all day and puts you in good spirits.  Music is important for one’s mood”, says Birgitta Skyllkvist as she joins violinist Diana Parhizgar in the project “Meet in Music – Whole Life”. 
Photo: Christin Sylvander