Musik i Syd

With the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden, Kristianstad Municipality in association with Musik i Syd, can expand its work and create the conditions for children to engage with classical music and the Kulturkvarteret venue in Kristianstad. Musik i Syd wants more people to discover the venue and to feel at home both there and in the music. This project, Classical Music – Get Closer, develops new ways to enhance children´s experience of and participation in classical music activities.

Musik i Syd is a music institution in the Skåne and Kronoberg regions that aims to give people access to creative and live music experiences. Its activities are part of the municipality´s cultural policy and it works to realise the goals of an active cultural policy to make live music accessible outside major cities. Musik i Syd´s various initiatives and programmes provide adults and children in the region with the opportunity to experience high-quality music in places where it would otherwise not be possible to produce and provide such a range of music events. Each year, Musik i Syd presents over 3,000 concerts, often in collaboration with local organisers, for over 300,000 spectators.


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Here´s "En dag på Kulturkvarteret" – a digital experience for children in second grade at the municipality of Kristianstad.


“For all of us who are passionate about music and can see the effects of access to music, a foundation like Signatur Foundation Sweden is invaluable to help us realise our vision. When access to public funding is restricted, we need external help to enable us to implement the creative ideas that are constantly emerging with the aim of spreading the power of music to more people.”

Susanne Rydén, CEO of Musik i Syd