With the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden, the National Centre for Musical Talents (NCM) can develop its programme.  With its ambitious projects, NCM is mainly aimed at young musicians who show top talent at international level in the field of classical music.  The programme is based in Vänersborg where there are excellent teaching facilities.  NCM caters to participants from all over Sweden and also offers activities in other locations through its participation in other programmes, or by offering training within the framework of other programmes.

The National Centre for Musical Talents is a non-profit association.  Partners working with NCM are the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, the Norrland Opera Symphony Orchestra, the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the municipality of Vänersborg, all music schools and the 23 member organisations of the Regional Music in Sweden network.

The aims of the association is to operate from its base in Vänersborg as a national meeting and education platform on an international level for young talent playing orchestral instruments and/or conducting. The aim is also to inspire, strengthen and complement top level activities throughout the country, including through regional activities and collaboration with music schools and other partners, and to strengthen the growth of the music profession and promote young creativity.

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Close collaboration

”Thanks to Signatur Foundation Sweden, we can now gather momentum to encourage more young musicians to play instruments that are particularly important for orchestral and ensemble music playing.  At the same time, opportunities are strengthened for closer partnership with municipal music schools.  With the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden, it has now become possible to build on the musical talent effort in Vänersborg and in close collaboration with music institutions throughout the country, to develop the Young Strings and Young Wind Academies as well as the Polar Star Award – Sweden’s premiere solo competition for young people aged 14-18 years.”

Staffan Rydén, Chairman, NCM