Our aim is that the support Signatur Foundation Sweden provides to partners will contribute to renewal and dynamic development in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region.

In accordance with our grant making criteria, we support innovative collaborative projects that contribute to encounters across boundaries and renewal for increased dispersion and long-term development – nationally and internationally.

We support innovation and solution-driven approaches that are cost-effective to enhance educational opportunities and performance. We support projects that strengthen the engagement of communities and further the attainment of the organisation’s mission. We support a focus on sustainability to ensure long-term success with sustainable initiatives and projects with proven positive impact.

We support projects that are within the framework of the organisation’s strategic plan and which lead to enhanced organisational capacity, thus enabling the organisation to expand its impact on key social needs while being cost-effective.

Specific criteria

The articles of Signatur Foundation Sweden detail the following five categories when defining the aims of the foundation, that is:

  • to promote a vibrant Swedish and Nordic music life by providing access to broad qualitative music education;
  • to improve the opportunities for the public to enjoy high-quality music;
  • to promote efforts to broaden the base for Swedish and Nordic music life;
  • to create the conditions for cultural integration through music; and
  • in addition to music, to support other related forms of performing arts such as dance, ballet or theater.

Consequently, music grants can only be sought for activities and projects whose aims are consistent with these purposes.

Only legal entities (organisations) which operate for public benefit and are not-for-profit will comply with our grant making criteria.

  • In order to be awarded a grant, a project should preferably be co-financed.
  • Grants are normally not awarded for activities that form part of an organisation’s core activities.
  • Grants are not awarded to individuals.
  • Grants are not awarded to pure amateur activities/projects.


When our application system is open you apply here.