Partners helping to fulfil the mission

Signatur Foundation Sweden is fulfilling its mission by funding projects implemented by partner organisations that share our passion for music and that have the capability to reach across diverse segments of society to inspire quality music making and improving access to music from a wide range of genres. In 2018 we have funded projects run by the Royal Philharmonic, El Sistema, Gränslandet – a music festival and SV Stockholms län ”Vägen Ut” in Stockholm suburb Jordbro

Musiscians about Signatur

”It is very important today that there are actors apart from the state that work independently in support of music life in Sweden. Signatur Foundaiton Sweden plays a significant role in that regard. The fact that they also incorporate a social dimension and education in their work makes them a critical organisation for Swedish music and cultural life as a whole and a tool to create a better society for all.” 

David Huang, pianist and Christian Karlsen, conductor

Our mission statement

With the uniting power of music create a force for an improved society through opening the doors to the universe of the art of music for people who otherwise might not have the opportunity for deeper engagement in or appreciation of high quality music. Seek to act as a counterbalance to the trends in society toward superficiality and intolerance building on the innate potential of music to tie humanity together across ages and cultures.

Vuxenskolan about Signatur

”Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan i Stockholms län works to support and help young people in challenged communities. With music and culture as a driving force, Signatur makes it possible for us to significantly expand that activity.”

Lennart Zethzon, organisational strategist at Vuxenskolan