Play for change

“The future is in our hands.  There is a consensus that music and culture are good for society.  And there is no doubt that culture is good for entrepreneurship, business start-ups and economic development.  To succeed in society’s ongoing sustainability transition, we need to find a common language that encourages everyone to participate in shaping the future.”

With support from Signatur Foundation Sweden, the UTOM think tank joins forces with Norrbottensmusiken to invite you to a two-day workshop conference on 17-18 May 2024 at Kulturens hus in Luleå.

Music and transition

Within the framework of the 2024 Signatur Programme, UTOM organises “Play for change – music and transition” to ask urgent questions:

How to we create productive collaborations between cultural practitioners, other actors in civil society, industrial companies, and political representatives at all levels?  What is it that actually needs to be put in place to create thriving societies?  How do we use culture to attract people to the sustainability transition journey, and securing the supply of skills and human resources to the regions that will become the new hubs of the sustainable economy?

The event takes place at Kulturens hus, and Ebeneser in Luleå and alternates talks and workshops with artistic content and personal meetings.  High profile musicians from all genres of UTOM and from the local/regional music scene will be available for dialogue with business representatives, interested civil society actors, national politicians and regional/municipal representatives.  The aim is to move away from clichés of cultural debates and business lingo to start a concrete and constructive journey towards and with the language of the future.


The UTOM think tank is an independent network that aims to capitalise on the ideas, potential and voices of young people working professionally in Swedish music. In UTOM, music personalities from all genres meet, develop, network and work together towards the inclusive, challenging, tolerant and bold cultural life of the future.

UTOM’s parent organisation is the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. Read more about UTOM and the “Play for Change” programme on the UTOM website (in Swedish):