ShareMusic & Performing Arts opens new platform

ShareMusic & Performing Arts has been able to launch the project #ShareExchange with the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden.  It offers a new type of platform for exchange and work with groups that do not normally meet to achieve diversity and an increased number of disabled artists represented on stage.

ShareMusic & Performing Arts is an international cultural organisation that works to promote artistic development and innovative performing arts. The vision is that all human beings should have the opportunity to express themselves as artists in a world where differences are seen as valuable.


ShareMusic’s work is rights-based and follows the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its articles relating to culture, work and education.  It is also clearly tied to the global development goals of inclusion and sustainable development.  ShareMusic believes in the inherent capacities of all people and the role of culture in social development.  Accessibility and inclusivity are the foundation – the performing arts are the tools to achieve this.

In its advocacy work, ShareMusic strives to achieve a level playing field.  It aims to broaden the scope of performing arts and increase opportunities for employment in the arts sector.

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