The Magical House is a digital production by Young at the Opera for the Royal Swedish Opera’s online platform called Opera Play.  In the programme, students and educators get a behind the scenes look at the Royal Swedish Opera’s various art forms and range of activities.  Host Sara Lewerth meets friends around the Opera House who invite you to a playful deep dive into their areas of expertise.

Lots to discover in the Royal Swedish Opera

What’s going on behind the curtain?  And how do you really learn about all the exciting things going on here?

Tons to discover for both children and adults, we follow our detective Sara and learn everything about the Opera House in a fun and creative way.  Here, we are all invited to go behind the curtain to explore The Magical House together.

With support from Signatur Foundation Sweden, every child in Sweden will have the opportunity to experience The Magical House – the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm.


Links to the Royal Swedish Opera’s website and social media to discover more about The Magical House:

Feel free to watch the trailer for The Magical House


“With the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden, Young at the Opera will have the opportunity to invite every child in Sweden to The Magical House, to experience the cultural heritage and treasures of the Opera House to which every child is entitled.  Through the series, we lower entry thresholds and inspire children and young people to continue discovering and immersing themselves in the world of music, dance and art.”

Anna Karinsdotter, Artistic Director of Young at the Opera