Unboxing Opera

Den Andra Operan (“The Other Opera”) is changing the basis of what opera can, will and may be, now and in the future, by “unboxing” the forgotten operas of female composers, bringing them out of the archives and, by highlighting these works, correcting an inaccurate historiography.

Forgotten opera treasure encounters new audiences

The “Unboxing Opera” project, launched by DAO in 2023 with support from Signatur Foundation Sweden, creates new forms for the encounter between audience and opera, inviting new audiences into the world of opera an at the same time allowing unheard works by women composers to regain their place in the recognised repertoire.

Through a unique combination of concerts, lectures and meetings with audiences, DAO invites, surprises and introduces audiences to a rare operatic repertoire. Through its choice of performance venues and collaborative partners, the project reaches new audiences and can offer experiences to suit both those with opera experience and those with budding curiosity.

The project is based on in-depth music research, reaches the audience through its stage performances and also offers an insight into the opera process and a meeting between musicians and lecturers in new environments and contexts.

A journey of discovery through women’s opera repertoire

“Unboxing Opera” includes 6 opera works ranging from the early 18th to the late 19th century, performed at 5 different events. Around 30 musicians, musicologists, lecturers and experts in various fields are involved in the project, in order to create a holistic experience and make the exploration of women’s opera repertoire a shared journey of discovery.

With the help of Signatur, DAO aims to create new forms of audience encounters and to reach new groups through a novel use of history, thus allowing opera to become a catalyst for social change.

The lecture is in Swedish, but you can read more about DAO in English on their website: https://denandraoperan.se/