Unity – Help Ukraine Gothenburg

Help Ukraine Gothenburg (HUG) is a non-political humanitarian peace association run by Ukrainians in Gothenburg with a vision of a just, sustainable and peaceful world. The association strives for a society characterized by peace, global justice and humanity, across and beyond constructed, national, cultural, social and economic borders. HUG empowers people who are refugees to become active and integrated members of society. Its activities are based on heart-to-heart support and solidarity.

Katja Blagodyr, herself with roots in Ukraine, took the initiative to establish the association in February 2022 as an immediate response to Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine.  The love born out of grief and darkness proved to be a powerful foundation for the association’s work. There has been a tremendous local response and support for HUG in Gothenburg in the short time since the launch.

In the “Unity” project, which Signatur supports by contributing funds to music instruments and studio equipment, HUG runs a music school in which professional musicians from Sweden and Ukraine participate as volunteers. The programme is aimed at children and young adults (6-25 years) with an interest in music, as part of a cultural integration programme. The participants are Ukrainian refugees and young Swedes. The organisers hope that their encounters will lead to new friendships and integration into the local community through music. In addition, music creation can have a therapeutic effect on refugees.

Professional musicians from Sweden and Ukraine participate as volunteers in Help Ukraine Gothenburg’s music school “Unity”, supported by Signatur Foundation Sweden. Photographer: Katja Blagodyr.

Read more about “Unity” on Help Ukraine Gothenburg’s website.