Participate in Järna Festival Academy from home

During the four years of Järna Festival Academy (JFA), Swedish and international prominent musicians have chosen to perform both well-known and obscure music during the festival. You are now warmly invited to re-live a selection of these festival experiences from home.

Camilla Lundberg and Måns Tengnér, two of the country’s most experienced music presenters, are hosting and moderating the programme. They will present well-chosen pieces from the best of previous chamber music festivals and lead exciting conversations about the music, the composers behind it and the spirit of the age, with thought-provoking contexts and unexpected topics linked to the music.

Many guest artists will join the programme and share their perspectives. Participants using Zoom Lounge will also be invited into the conversations and to participate in various social activities in connection with the salons.

The meetings take place in the form of a series of more than one hour-long digital gatherings every other Tuesday at 4 pm from December 1st 2020 until Summer 2021. This digital festival is implemented with support from Signatur Foundation Sweden.

Selected topics for each digital meeting

Every digital meeting on Tuesdays from 4pm CET revolves around a pre-selected topic. Below are examples from the introductory programme. Camilla and Måns alternate as presenters and assistants and each meeting is also attended by one of JFA’s artistic leaders and another musician who share their musical perspectives.

Example dates:

June 15th 4 pm CET – Season finale
Participents: Camilla & Måns, Jakob & Peter

Click on the titles above to participate in the meetings. The lobby opens at 15.45, 15 minutes before the meeting starts.
For joining details and more information – visit the organizers’ own website here.

Social context during the pandemic

The support from Signatur Foundation Sweden has been the triggering factor for Järna Festival Academy to be able to implement the Zoom Lounge project. Signatur has shown great interest in the project and in our business, and their fast handling of our application played a significant role in the project being able to start when it was needed most. Thanks to Signatur’s support, we have been able to meet many older people and give them musical experiences and a social context during the pandemic.

Peter Friis Johansson, Co-founder and Artistic Director Järna Festival Academy