With the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden, the Royal College of Music (KMH) can implement the Libravoice project. Through music and musical collaborations, Libravoice aims to create a collaboration between schools and the community, providing the conditions for a better start in life for children. And a more enjoyable learning experience and greater inclusion, especially in challenged communities.

The Royal College of Music in Stockholm educates musicians and music teachers at the highest international level. KMH dates back to 1771 and has just moved into a modern campus area. This musical heritage is managed in tandem with continuous future development.

Watch a newly recorded film with children from Elinsborg School in Tensta, with whom Libravoice works. The song is about Corona, is written by the school's music teacher Anders Enqvist and is clearly culturally expressed by children about the times in which we are living right now.

Watch the film about KMH as a musical meeting place