Ultimately the grant making of Signatur Foundation Sweden aims to promote the advancement of high quality music in Sweden and other Nordic countries. We anticipate making between five and ten grants per year, providing support to other non-profit organisations which share our aims and operate for public benefit. We strive to develop long term relationships where we as an engaged donor can help promote best practices.

Increasing access to high quality music

Our purpose is to support organisations and projects that increase access to high quality music. Applications for grant funding from Signatur Foundation Sweden are evaluated once a year. When the online application system on the website is open we accept submissions, but the proposals are not considered before the annual deadline. It the application is taken forward beyond the initial screening it will typically take three to six months to work through the application process. Our project staff work closely with any prospective partner from the moment an application is taken forward, through the project design and grant approval process. The board of Signatur meets two or three times a year to award grants to the applicants whose project proposals best match Signatur’s grant making criteria.

We believe that sustainable impact can only be achieved through long term engagement and commitment by all parties involved. Therefore, we prioritise long term relationships where the work we support can have durable impact beyond the discrete project implementation. We are an engaged donor who hopes to promote best practices among our partner organisations for everyone’s benefit.

We believe transparent reporting and accountability are a necessary foundation for maintaining confidence in the work we all do. In addition to reviewing regular reporting from our partners, our project staff frequently conduct monitoring visits at project locations and, as appropriate, participate in the project implementation.

Grant Making Criteria

Signatur Foundation Sweden can only make grants for purposes that fall within the scope of the aims set out in its founding charter. Signatur’s grant making policy sets out further criteria for grant giving.

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