Our Prior Music Projects

Signatur Foundation Sweden aims to support a varied musical range characterised by high quality, artistic creativity and music development.

Music projects and organisations that Signatur has previously supported include:


  • AKT- Malmö Opera
  • Arctic Light
  • Centrumskolan with Sexton Strängar
  • El Sistema Sweden
  • The Gotland School of Music Composition
  • Gränslandet – A Symphonic Festival at Trädgården, through the association ALMA
  • Hum, Hum Hume at Drottningholms Slottsteater
  • Järna Festival Academy
  • Jubilee Oratorio 2023 at Lund Cathedral
  • Lekquiem – 100 children dancing Mozart’s Requiem, through the association Scenit
  • Libravoice through the Royal College of Music
  • Make Music Matter! through Linnaeus University
  • Meet in music – whole life, through the city of Sundbyberg
  • Musik i Syd
  • The National Centre for Music Talent/Young Musicians’ Academy
  • “The Roots of Musical Life” and “Future Musical Role Models” – UTOM
  • The Royal Philharmonic Young Talent Program
  • ShareMusic ArtLabs through ShareMusic & Performing Arts
  • Songlines through Länsmusiken
  • Stockholm NU Jazz Festival
  • Storytelling in DO through Dream Orchestra.
  • SV Stockholms län with the project “Vägen Ut”
  • Swedish Chamber Orchestra through the Di Piu Foundation
  • Themetrack Funktion – Folkteatern Gävleborg, Scen:se and BIBU Biennale
  • Unity by Help Ukraine Gothenburg

Read more about some of our completed programmes below.

Increased access to music education

Signatur wants to contribute to enhanced access to music education that strengthens society through social and cultural engagement by providing valuable experiences for young people.

Make Music Matter!

A COLLABORATION AROUND MUSIC AS FORM OF EXPRESSION In Make Music Matter! academic researchers, schools, music and tech industry representatives and the cultural sector reach out to and collaborative ...

Future musical role models

The regeneration of wind musicians is under threat. With the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden, the UTOM think tank (UTOM stands for “Young minds for music”) has launched an initiative to strength...

Lekquiem - 100 children dancing Mozart

Life and death side by side. Signatur Foundation Sweden has granted support to the project LEKQUIEM, in which around 100 school children join 60 choir singers, four professional dancers and a symph...

"Mötas i Musik – hela livet" i Sundbyberg, ett projekt som genomförs med stöd av stiftelsen Signatur

Meet in Music – whole life

The city of Sundbyberg in Stockholm county has had the opportunity to implement the project ”Meet in Music – Whole Life” stating in 2019 and with an extension (because of Covid-19) until and throughou...

Jubilee Oratorio 2023

A newly written jubilee oratorio in Lund Cathedral The year 2023 is an anniversary year for Lund Cathedral as the oldest altar was consecrated on 30 June 1123, exactly 900 years ago. This anniversary...

Hum Hum Hume

A philosophical monologue embedded in music Actor Andreas T Olsson has written a poetic story with reflections on the sea, music and the adventurous spirit inspired by the real life story of sea capt...

Unity - Help Ukraine Gothenburg

Help Ukraine Gothenburg (HUG) is a non-political humanitarian peace association run by Ukrainians in Gothenburg with a vision of a just, sustainable and peaceful world. The association strives for a s...