inspire music development

Signatur Foundation Sweden supports a varied musical range characterised by high quality, artistic creativity and music development. From the first grants we awarded during 2018 and 2019, we look forward with confidence towards an exciting and creative cooperation with our partners.

Our prior music projects

Music projects that Signatur Foundation Sweden supported directed towards children, youths and adults and their music development within the magical world of music were:

  • AKT- Malmö Opera
  • Centrumskolan with Sexton Strängar
  • El Sistema Sweden
  • The Royal Philharmonic Young Talent Program
  • Järna Festival Academy offers digital music meetings in Zoom Lounge
  • Musik i Syd
  • ShareMusic and Performing Arts
  • Songlines through Länsmusiken
  • Stockholm NU Jazz Festival
  • SV Stockholms län with the project Vägen Ut
  • Swedish Chamber Orchestra through the Di Piu Foundation

Increased access to music education

Signatur wants to contribute to enhanced access to music education that can give young people valuable experience that will strengthen society through social and cultural engagement.

Signatur – insamlingsstiftelse för musikfrämjande eng

Signatur supports music education.

Med stöd av stiftelsen Signatur har Malmö Opera möjlighet att genomföra projektet AKT.

AKT – Malmö Opera

AKT, which stands for Arrangement, Culture, Theatre, is aimed at children and young adults who are interested in performing arts and are keen to discover more about the various professions represented...

Sexton Strängar med engagerade barn i Mazettihuset.

Centrumskolan with Sexton Strängar

During 2022 Signatur Foundation Sweden has supported a collaboration between Sexton Strängar and Centrumskolan in Växjö. Strings of togetherness and joy Sexton Strängar was formed in 2013 and has ov...

Den inkluderande musikensemblen Elefantöra under en filminspelning 2020 inför Region Jönköpings läns Kulturfesten, en digital kulturfestival. Foto: Stephan Bozic

ShareMusic & Performing Arts

ShareMusic & Performing Arts was able to launch the project “ShareMusic ArtLabs” with the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden in 2019. It offers a new type of platform for exchange and work with...

Spelglädje när bebisar och deras föräldrar deltar i Svenska Kammarorkesterns inspelningar.

Swedish Chamber Orchestra

The Swedish Chamber Orchestra in Örebro has been conducting a much-appreciated baby activity since 2016. The activity offers rhythm sessions and baby concerts with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra togeth...

I Järna Festival Academys bjuder svenska och internationella toppmusiker välkänd och okänd musik. Nu kan du återuppleva ett urval av dessa festivalupplevelser hemifrån i digitala Salong ZOOM.

Järna Festival Academy

During the four years of Järna Festival Academy (JFA), Swedish and international prominent musicians have chosen to perform both well-known and obscure music during the festival. You are now warmly in...

Arvsfondsprojektet Songlines vill att ungdomar ska känna sig välkomna och få möjligheten att uttrycka sig med kultur och musik.


With support from Signatur Foundation Sweden, Songlines can strengthen its programme in the county of Stockholm by offering young refugees in Sweden access to integrated music activities, mixed with l...

El Sistema Sweden

The El Sistema Foundation is a unifying force for development of quality educational methods by offering educational platforms and role models such as El Sistema Academy, El Sistema Play, the internat...

Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

ROYAL PHILHARMONIC YOUNG TALENT PROGRAM  With support from Signatur, the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra have expanded further their pre-existing Young Talent Program in order to offer talente...

SV Stockholms län

SV (Swedish: Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan) Stockholms län and Vägen Ut want to broaden their operations and will offer study group activities for youths in challenged communities as a way into society....

Till vardags spelar hon huvudrollen i Sound of Music på Malmö Opera. Men i början av november kom musikalstjärnan tillika medlemmen i UTOM, Frida Modén Treichl, till Konserthuset Stockholm för att gästspela med musiklivets gräsrötter i El Sistema Nationalorkester.

UTOM (Young minds for music)

With the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden, Young Minds For Music (UTOM) began implementing the project "The Roots of Music Life" in 2021. In connection with its 250th anniversary in 2021...

Med stöd av Stiftelsen Signatur kan Musik i Syd  fördjupa arbetet och skapa förutsättningar för att barn ska möta den klassiska musiken och Kulturkvarteret i Kristianstad.

Musik i Syd

With the support of Signatur Foundation Sweden, Kristianstad Municipality in association with Musik i Syd, can expand its work and create the conditions for children to engage with classical music and...

El Sistema Sweden about Signatur

”Thanks to the support from Signatur, we are able to enhance the opportunity for children and young people to qrow through music with El Sistema throughout Sweden. The goal is to give all children and young people the opportunity to fulfil their dreams and accomplish something for themselves. To create music – for a better life.” 

Eric Sjöström, Chairman El Sistema Sweden

Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra Head about Signatur

“It is with great joy and gratitude that we who work with music in Sweden welcome Signatur Foundation Sweden. The need to be able to quickly apply for funding for various projects aimed at the widest possible public is great. Signatur Foundation Sweden, through its efficient management, enables a quick implementation of new exciting projects both for the short and long term where the focus on children and young people feels particularly important. The foundation’s establishment is a very welcome addition to the funding options currently available for public music life and will enrich it in a tangible way. I am full of admiration that a successful businessman and his family choose to share their financial resources to promote Swedish music life. I hope Erland Karlsson’s love for music inspires many more to do something like that – the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra is very grateful for the cooperation with Signatur Foundation Sweden and looks forward to many exciting projects in the future!”

Stefan Forsberg, Executive and Artistic Director