Supporting Signatur

Signatur Foundation Sweden is dependent on financial contributions from donors to fulfil its mission. We are always grateful for any contribution made, small or large, and will put it to good use in order to further the objectives of the organisation and contribute to music education.

In December 2017 Signatur was created by The Karlsson Játiva Charitable Foundation by making a call for funds in support of Swedish music life and at the same time committed to make an initial grant in support of Signatur to fund its first year work plan.

Call for funds for Signatur

The foundation has the main public benefit purpose, using the contributed funds, of promoting, solely or exclusively, a vibrant Swedish and Nordic music life by providing access to broad qualitative music education and improving the opportunities for the public to enjoy high quality music. In particular, it intends to promote efforts to broaden the base for Swedish and Nordic music life and to further create the conditions for cultural integration through music.

For information about how to make donations to the foundation, please contact Linda Krüger on +46704837377 or by e-mail

Stockholm, 11 December 2017

For the Founder

The Karlsson Játiva Charitable Foundation

Our aims

Signatur strives to contribute to a vibrant Swedish and Nordic music life.